Wedding Cakes - Chocolate?

When you decide on the perfect dress for your wedding and you want the perfect wedding cake as well you will have a myriad of choices. However, you aren’t exactly a traditionalist and you may want to have a chocolate cake instead of a more expected white one. They have many designs to choose form so if you want a traditional tier cake, but in chocolate you will find it here. Just because you may want a chocolate cake on the inside doesn’t mean you want chocolate outside as well. This won’t be a problem because you have many looks that can be achieved with a more traditional frosting.

There is a four tiered caked with chocolate curls and flowers decorating the tiers. You can also have a choice of chocolate. They offer white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate or if you want to mix them up you can do this too. You can have a choice from four different fillings which might be to your liking as not everyone may like a chocolate cake. Given that you have four tiers you can perhaps choose four different fillings in one cake. They offer of course a chocolate tier, a lemon tier, a sponge cake tier and a toffee tier. So if you want to make sure you have something for all of your guest’s delight you could build your cake with these different choices and still satisfy your own desire for a chocolate cake. The four tier cake will give you the option to decorate with portions of fruit and flowers. The price will be decided according to your particular wishes with the design.

One of the most elegant wedding cakes we found on this site was a three tier confection with a top that reminds you of calla lilies. It has a two toned frosting and while not ornately decorated is beautiful by its very elegance. The Arum Dream Chocolate Brown will certainly appeal to anyone looking for the perfect chocolate cake. This delicious dream can be made with five different filling choices so that you can have your favorite chocolate cake and please others at your wedding. The first choice is of course chocolate, you may also choose lemon, fruit, sponge or toffee. You will want to see this cake online at Truly Scrumptious.

For those brides who have an artistic flair and don’t want traditional you can find a truly amazing array of designer cakes. The online site describes these as quirky and some are, but they may be just right for you and your beloved. The Exploding Parcel says celebrate with us send up the fireworks and pop the cork. While for a bit of whimsy you could choose the Louis Vuitton luggage set cake. We have tied the knot and are ready to set off on our honeymoon; our luggage is packed and ready to go. These delightful creations are all available in chocolate so let the choice be yours.

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