How to Cut the Cake

Have you been to a wedding before?  Most of us have seen the traditional way to cut a cake when we attend our first wedding as a friend of the individuals getting married.  If you don’t already know there is a ceremony in how to cut the cake.  This ceremony is very important to the tradition of wedding receptions.  In this article we are going to talk about how you should cut your cake.

If you are just having a dance reception rather than a sit down dinner you may find the wedding cake should be served a little sooner.  Most often the bride and groom will have a set schedule they are going to keep.  In other words you probably have the reception set up so that you spend a couple of hours and then leave.  It is always a good idea to cut the cake about mid way through the wedding reception.  If it is a small reception you may need time for the presents to be opened.  Otherwise you can just open them when you are alone.

The wedding cake is usually cut after some toasts have been made.  The bride and groom then stand up to get everyone’s attention as they stand near the cake.  A side note before we get to the actual process, you need to have a wedding knife to cut the cake with.  At most weddings the bride and groom do not grab the handiest cake knife from the caterers.  Instead they purchase a knife they will keep forever.  The type of cake knife is up to you.  It can be handed down from generation to generation or it can be something that has special significance to you and your new spouse.

The cake knife should be located on the table near the cake for everyone to view while the dancing and conversations are going on.  Once you are ready to cut the cake the groom should have a hold of the handle.  Then the bride will lay her hands over her husband’s.  The top layer of cake is meant to be saved.  Most couples will cut into the first layer of the cake to leave the top pristine.

When both hands are on the knife you should then place the knife on the spot you want to cut.  You will need to have one piece extracted from the wedding cake with this first cut.  If it is a square cake you need to cut a square piece.  With a round cake a slice like a piece of pie does very well.

Once you have cut the cake you both need to help get the piece on to a plate.  Then you will set aside the knife and with your hands or with a folk feed each other a piece of cake.  After this first piece has been cut and eaten the rest of the cake can be divided into equal pieces for the number of guests you have.  You and the groom don’t have to worry about cutting the rest of the cake.

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