How Big a Cake Do You Need?

Weddings can be intimate affairs with your closest friends and family or they can be huge affairs where the whole town is invited. 

The question of how big a cake do you need is really boiled down to how many individuals are going to attend and how big a slice of cake you want everyone to have. Typically a cake designer is going to tell you that at least a one inch by one inch slice of cake should be offered to your guest. 

This is on the whole a very small amount.  Most of us appreciate at least a one by two inch piece of cake, but if you don’t have the budget the square piece will work out just fine.  So when you are designing your cake or picking a design out of the catalogue you need to figure out the size of the piece of cake you will offer your guests. Remember that when you are looking through the cakes you can talk about the different styles and the cost.  You could have the wedding cake designer price out a few different cakes or sizes of cakes. 

For example if you know you will have 30 people at your wedding reception, you can plan for a few cakes.  Price a cake at the one by one inch piece and then ask the designer to price it out for a one by two inch or a two by two inch.  This will give you an idea of how much cake you are going to need. Before you can even begin to truly plan on the type of cake you want you need to have all of the invitations in.  You can also try to estimate the amount you would need to draw up a first contract with the designer. 

In other words if you have sent out sixty invitations or will be sending that amount out you can start planning for all of them accepting.  On the other hand if some invitations are going out to those you know won’t be coming you can plan for the number that will. The number of individuals attending the reception is going to determine how much cake you need in part. The other part of course was already discussed in the size of the cake you are going to offer each guest. The top layer of your wedding cake is not going to be cut, so keep that in mind.  A wedding cakes top layer is for you and the groom to share at your one year anniversary.  This means that the size of the cake should be proportioned for that as well.  You wouldn’t want someone to cut into that layer of the cake because they didn’t get one or get enough.

Some individuals you invite to the wedding may not like cake. This can also help you get a smaller cake if you need to.  So in choosing your cake it is best to talk with the designer for how many people that particular cake is going to feed.

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