How To Choose Your Wedding Cake

Choosing the right wedding cake

At Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes we fully understand the importance of choosing the right wedding cake.

No matter how well planned and intentioned there are few brides who don’t have second thoughts about something they have selected for their special day.  The wedding cake is no different especially when there are so many styles available.  Some of the easier questions are; should it be round or square? White or ivory? Sponge, fruit, chocolate or even lemon cake filling.  Or can we have a different filling on each layer?

Having either seen something in a magazine or on a website some brides have a clear idea of the cake they’d like.  In many respects they’re the lucky ones. For most it involves a lot of head scratching, deep thought and in some cases sleepless nights.  At Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes we have a team of experienced designers who thrive on getting that special design that will give that special ‘wow’ factor and put your mind at ease.

We know how important it is to get it right.  This is why we encourage the bride to make an appointment with one of designers to discuss ideas and taste the delicious cake.  The shop display includes a large selection of wedding cakes with a larger selection available to view through our database.  More often than not previous designs act as the catalyst for new designs or personalising an existing design.

Choosing the right filling

How the cake tastes is arguably what it’s all about. There can be nothing more disappointing than to have guests complain to the wedding party that “the cake was too dry” or “too ‘anything’”. We also understand that it’s not only the design that’s to be superb the cake must taste delicious too.  We tried a number of recipes and suppliers before arriving at our chosen list of available fillings, which we are happy to put our name to.

With a wide selection of fillings available you can choose from fruit, chocolate, sponge, lemon, and toffee.  Many are now moving away from the tradition of fruit cake with most are finding that sponge and chocolate are the favourites and are seldom left with much to take home.

Choosing the right design

There are so many designs available it can be quite mind blowing to try and select the right one first time.  Our design team are experienced in being able to take your ideas and transform them into a design that will compliment the wedding.
We have made a range of traditional cakes, but at Truly Scrumptious we are best know for our award winning contemporary designs.  Quite often these days we’re being asked for themed cakes.  These can range from a 3 tier snow boarder’s wedding cake to a model of the wedding car – and almost anything else in between!

Not all our contemporary designs are as far removed from tradition.  We have a number of neat square, round and petal contemporary cakes decorated in anything from sea holly to sugar calla lilies.  All our designs are easily tweaked to accommodate the theme of the wedding.   

We are confident that the combination of design excellence, delicious taste and our commitment to customer satisfaction is a winning one.  One which has been the bedrock for growing our business at such a rate that we were nominated in 2005 for the shortlist of 3 finalists for the prestigious Voted Outstanding Wedding Supplier in only our 3rd year of trading.  Please get in touch for more details.